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YAD In The Age Of Trump: 2018 Edition

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Memo to the audience: SOME OF YOU WERE WONDERING

Most of you, I’m sure, have noticed the increasingly erratic schedule YAD has ended up with over the course of the past year. Some of you have asked about it from time to time, so let’s just check in on the state of You Are Dumb Dot Net in the era of Trump.

First, yes, everything’s fine. I mean, I’m pushing 50, which means an uptick in Disruptive Life Events that’s commensurate with aging, but nothing particularly tragic or out of the ordinary. If you’re in your 40s, you know what I mean, and if you’re not in your 40s, you’ll find out soon enough.

No, the dropoff in frequency is 100% attributable to the presidency of Donald Trump.

This column is a hobby. It’s always been a hobby. Fourteen years and, apart from a few donations along the way before I stumbled into a career, it hasn’t generated any income or any life-changing notoriety or anything. It’s just my hobby. And because it’s my hobby, the only obligation there is to do it is the obligation I put into it. Because another part of this time of life is a shift in the ratio of What You Wanna Do to What You Gotta Do. So I try not to make my hobbies things I gotta do. There’s enough of that going on already.

I wanna write the column when I think I have something new, fun, amusing, or insightful to say about a subject. And Trump is fucking murder on that impulse, for a number of reasons.

See, Trump’s stupidity is BORING. It doesn’t change, it doesn’t evolve, it’s just the same toxic mix of ignorance, narcissism, and sociopathy applied to a wide variety of circumstances with, in most cases, utterly predictable results. It gets tedious to write about. So, write about somehting else? Sure, except...

Trump’s stupidity is UBIQUITOUS. It’s everywhere. It touches everything and everybody and in most cases it’s a very bad touch. The president is an insane moron, and that’s the most important thing going on at any given moment, which makes it tough to write about anything else. And this extends to the media. It’s difficult for the media to talk about anything else either, which puts a fucking bottleneck in the source material, which does not help things. And even if it did...

Trump’s stupidity is INFECTIOUS. The fact is, as a result of both the sociopolitical environment that allowed Trump to win and the effect his winning has had on that same sociopolitical environment, most of the stupidity in the public and political sphere these days is heavily Trumpist. In line with Trump or influenced by Trump or enabling Trump. Which makes it as uninspiring to write about as Trump’s idiocy.

So, anyway, the column will continue, whenever I have something to say. If you need your fix, I can’t encourage you enough to either follow me on Twitter (@youaredumb) or, if you openly resist creating an account there, just use Twitter’s website ( to read what I put there. Nearly everything you see there is something I’ve written - hardly ever any retweets or replies. There’s a lot of stuff that I can’t slap down 500 words on but can spit out 280 characters about.

And, of course, if I’m not in the mood to write about politics, I might be in the mood to write about superhero shit, pro wrestling, or the occaisional video game, and that’s what the link to Oldnerd is for.

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