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MEMO TO AMERICA: Turns out this idea sucked.

I know I haven’t checked in in longer than usual. But rest assured, I haven’t spent the entire time wallowing in nihilistic frustration and setting up a fancy new TV out of nihilistic frustration. No, I’ve spent it doing research. Research that has led to a conclusion that may shock you:

Turns out it’s a bad idea to give a xenophobic cult of sociopaths the reins of power.

Now, before we get into it, I want to point out that it’s slightly worse to be sorta tricked by a foreign power into giving a xenophobic cult of sociopaths the reins of power. And it’s even worse than that to be sorta tricked by a foreign power into giving a criminally corrupt cult of xenophobic sociopaths the reins of power. But you knew that. So I’m just going to focus on the xenophobic sociopathy.

You may vaguely recall, around the time I last posted a column, we started tear-gassing children at the border. This happened about a week after the election, and about a day after six days of “see, the caravan talk was just election bullshit and didn’t mean anything”, illustrating a point I’ve made before about how this administration doesn’t so much bluff as not give a shit about things happening or not.

What you may not recall is the reaction to the tear-gassing by the aforementioned xenophobic cult of sociopaths, known more commonly by the name The Republican Party. They blamed the victims of the tear-gassing and lied about what tear gas is. ACTUAL QUOTE TIME!

”It’s natural. You could actually put it on your nachos and eat it. So it’s a good way of deterring people without long-term harm.” - Fox News commentator Ron Colburn.

This is a lie. Tear gas is not pepper spray. It’s not natural. It’s not capsaicin. You also can’t put pepper spray on your nachos and eat it, not in the concentrations pepper spray comes in and the amounts used. But we’re not talking about pepper spray, we’re talking about tear gas.

Republicans also blamed the victims for “rushing” the border and for being illegal immigrants in the first place, even though they were asylum seekers, and seeking asylum is legal. It’s a playbook that plays out over and over when it comes to marginalized communities.

First, make it impossible for the victims to comply with the law. Second, punish them in a manner that’s wildly disproportionate with the legal violation they were forced into. Third, blame them for that punishment based on their violation of the law.

You see it in the response to police shootings. You saw it last week in the case of New York police ripping the baby out of a woman’s arms for sitting on the floor of a benefits office. You’re seeing it even as you read this in the case of the seven year old migrant girl who died in US Border Patrol custody.

If you think it’s the fault of this girl, or this girl’s family, that she died? You’re part of the cult. If you believe that the U.S. Border Patrol really did everything they could to prevent this girl’s death in the prison camp where we’re holding fifteen thousand fucking children we refuse to let Senators talk to, then you’re clueless and enabling the cult.

And Democrats? You need to stop saying “this isn’t a Democrat or Republican issue, it’s an American issue”. If the Republicans are supporting the tear-gassing of children, the tear-gassing of children is a Democratic vs. Republican issue. It shouldn’t be, but it is. You’re not going to convince xenophobic sociopaths that xenophobic sociopathy is unAmerican, because they don’t even recognize that seceding from America is unAmerican. You need to pin this on them, because it’s their fault.

And yes, it’s still their fault even if our treatment of immigrants has been incompetent and cruel for decades, under the leadership of both parties. And yes, it’s still their fault when border patrol, police, and immigration enforcement agencies self-select in their hiring processes for xenophobic sociopaths. Because with the cult in power, an apathetic, harmful bureaucracy has been weaponized into a factory of cruelty. And it turns out that’s worse than it was before.