Random Retro Week: Day 3

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YAD is taking a week off to recharge the batteries, but to keep my brainmeats from atrophying in the meantime, I've selected ten dates at random with the awesome random date generator at random.org, and I'll post two Classic YAD links each day with a bit of commentary.

Today brings us to 2009, when we learned how much change was actually involved in change.

Irritable Backlog Syndrome (4/20/09)

On Doug Benson Day, I had apparently come out of some kind of theme week, which really doesn't sound like me at all, but whatever. So I doubled up on some small stuff to catch up.

Ah, right. That was the spring when the right-wing was shitting themselves because Homeland Security was worried about homegrown right-wing terrorism, a concern that was completely misplaced, as all of the homegrown right-wing terror attacks in the US since then have been blamed on liberals by conservatives. PROBLEM SOLVED.

The rest of the column was mocking the usual retrograde bullshit that surrounds the National Day of Silence.

FUN FACT: The graphic for the previous theme week, "Operation Foolpity", which made fun of the Tea Party, was one of the more elaborate graphical creations from back in the day when I did elaborate graphical creations. It featured multiple images of, of course, Mr. T.

FYI: It's Because He's Black (9/18/09)

This is a fairly famous one, by YAD standards. Famous in this case meaning "people noticed it". And passed it around. And I think some people actually gave me shit for it in e-mail. Not readers, mind. Mouthbreathers whose eyes it passed and who managed to type up their jumped-to conclusions in barely comprehensible form.

Conservatives spent a good two years criticizing Barack Obama and simultaneously claiming that nobody could criticize Obama for fear of being called racist just because a bunch of people thought it was funny to photoshop the first black president into witch doctor costumes. Now, all Newt Gingrich needs to do is call him a "food stamp President" one minute, and call him "too European" the next, and hooray, he gets a pass! Progress!

FUN FACT: A big chunk of it is still because he's black, you know.